Winter! At last!

All last month I was appalled by the heat, the humidity, and the slugs engaged in blatant orgies on my glass balcony door ewwwww but it’s a beautiful 40deg F with a freezing wind today. Take that, slugs! I am, however, feeling sorry for all the trees and flowers who were fooled into blooming.

My cold from hell is on its 7th day but it’s getting marginally better. I had a fun weekend of coughing and writing. Working over the latest draft of ‘Souls’ isn’t for the weak, for every 1,000 words I advance I take out at least 600, but I have a deadline. It MUST be published before April 1st, because I have a big promo lined up on that day, but I’m fairly sure it’ll be ready for beta before the end of January. Keep your fingers crossed anyway.

Off I go to look busy and cough some more. Bleah!


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