Merry Christmas!

It’s 75 deg F with a humidity level of 70% here in North Carolina. (My office Sortkwik is melting.) It’ll be 80 deg tomorrow. So much for burning the ‘ol Yule log, whew, pass the ice cream. Of course I would say “Pass the ice cream,” if I were in Alaska during a blizzard. I know because I have! I wish we had lovely, chilly, seasonal weather but current conditions are good for my electric bill so I won’t complain too hard.

So how did ‘B,’ my Christmas book, do over the holidays? Just fine until December came along. Then I sold two. Which makes me tilt my head in a wait, whut? sort of way. Apparently that’s normal. E-Book sales, any genre, are always down just before Christmas but they pick up again just after. Also, sadly, the rumor that the new $50 Kindle Fires will drastically improve sales isn’t true. That one goes around every time a new version of a Kindle is released. Well, bah humbug. Still, it’s good to know.

Daaaang, what a year!

But a very Happy Holidays to all of you. Enjoy!




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