I’m within a gnat’s ass of finishing…

…the first accursed rough draft of ‘Souls by the Sea.’ Just the final huge defeating-the-villain chapter and several little ending chapters to go, hallelujah. Why do I hate the first rough draft? No matter how much outlining I do the story WILL go its own way and I feel like I’m madly running along beside it with my hand caught in the door. But now I can jump in and take over the wheel.

But I love my outlines. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far in so short a time. I buckled down in October and now, Mid-December, I’m done. There’s the revisions, editing, and cover work to do and then I’ll be published in February at the latest. Whew.

But I’m going to down tools and enjoy my Christmas!

PS: It took me two hours of dread and hesitation but I finally forced myself to buy the Kindle Fire. It’ll arrive in January and I’m very much looking forward to my new toy.



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