My blog is dreary.

I like the shadows, though, they fit well with the little bit of spookiness in my work. I’m still going to change it in, oh, a year or so, to reflect the covers I have in mind for my YA trilogy that I’M TOO DAMN LAZY TO WORK ON! GEEZ! I keep easing the rough draft deadline back. Now I hope to have it finished by New Years. Before the next New Years I hope to finish two more for a complete trilogy. After that I may do more in the Souls by the Sea universe or I may strike out into sci-fi. If my immediate plans work out that’ll be 4 novels in two years. Not hugely prolific but not bad either. I think two a year would be ideal.

So what did I do over the weekend? I read 5 library books and enjoyed the sunshine. Apparently I needed the mental vacation. The best was ‘The Shepherd’s Crown’ by Terry Pratchet and I cried like a baby. I’m still flattened. I’m going to miss him and the Discworld.

Edit: I’ve tweaked my blog and now it’s a lovely blue with waves ala Souls by the Sea. I’m happier with it.



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