I haven’t finished NaNoWriMo as I’d hoped. All I wanted to do was get the rough draft of ‘Souls’ finished but noooo! I will finish it by this time next week so I’m disappointed but happy. Once I get through the miserable slog that is the first rough draft I can get into the Make This Not Suck area which is much more fun. I hate creating but I love polishing. Weirdo.

As for ‘B’ I’m still cheering my holiday novel to the finish line. Smashwords isn’t doing the poor thing much good, though, so I’m going to pull it from the major distributors over there (Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc) and then resubmit to them using Direct 2 Digital. D2D, I hear, is a little more pro-active in getting their books noticed. We’ll see.

Work has piled on so it’ll all have to wait until the weekend, I’m afraid. Ta!



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