“At this rate you will finish on: December 22nd, 2015.”

Thanks, NaNo, that’s really…encouraging.

BUT my actual goal is 30,000 words so I’m halfway finished! I managed to burn through chapters 4, 5, and 6 (5,000 words in all) over the weekend and I’m hugely tickled about it. If I can keep this up then, yeah, I really will be finished by late December or early January. And by ‘finished’ I mean editing, cover, and all.

And while I sat in my Bentwood chair, rejoicing, I heard a terrible crack and I wound up on the floor. I even had a mug of hot potato soup in my hand but I didn’t spill a drop. I knew my chair was going to die any day so I expected disaster every time I sat down. Woe unto me. Today I bought an inexpensive bowl chair online as a replacement and I hope it gets here ASAP. I also splurged on a reading lamp because I was starting to go blind from the little, decorative lamp I was using.

And now I’m et up with dreams of new furniture should the new book sell well. ‘Souls’ is more commercial than ‘B’ is so, hey, you never know.


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