Guess how much I wrote over the weekend? Seven THOUSAND words! That’s a whole hell of a lot for me. And they were the right words, too, I don’t have to go back and strip pages out later. Outlining is the key. My 20 page 1st draft in longhand was a great first step but a tip in Rachel Aaron’s 2,000 to 10,000 ‘book’ (actually a large pamphlet and only .99 cents on Amazon) on how to improve your word count is what’s really helping. It’s so common-sensical I felt like a real idiot for not realizing that taking ten minutes or so to plan out your chapters before you write them makes the entire process easy. I was winging it when I wrote ‘B’ (which is how I’ve written everything before) and it wasn’t fun.

No, I’m not being paid for this in any way. I’m just excited because my I hate writing but I love having written factor has been cut by 80%.


I really doubt I’ll ever crack 10k words a day, though, let’s not go crazy.


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