I’m a gutless flip-flopper.

Gave the apartment a good fall scrubbing which traumatized the cat. Sorreee! (Yeah, my weekends are going to continue wild until my foot heals.) Updated ‘B’s’ latest cover (one word needed to be scooched to the right) so it’s finally perfect and ready for all promos. Then I sat down and wrote the first three chapters of ‘Souls’ but jumping into the blue without a plan was annoying me. So I wrote a 20 page outline, longhand, and my thumb is numb but I’m satisfied. All the beats of action and bits of profound dialogue that I was afraid of losing are now set and the actual writing will go quickly.

So quickly that I’ve gone ahead and signed up for NaNo anyway. I have no ambition to win, if ‘Souls’ reaches 40k words I’ll be surprised, but I do want to be finished ASAP and I think NaNo will help me with that. Love those pep talks. It would be excellent if I had two novellas out in time for Christmas (even though ‘Souls’ is definitely a Halloween story. Our heroine is threatened by the entire Universal stable of monsters.)

Meanwhile, I’m thinking seriously of putting my hand on ice. My longhand muscles have atrophied! Ow!


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