I’m no millennial. I forgot to take a picture of my two fabulously broken toes sticking out at right angles to my foot (whanged ’em into the ottoman while I was chasing Polly Satan the Cat) even though I did have the strength to sadly finish my breakfast, get dressed, get made up, and hobble to the ATM to get $20 for cab fare. (Of course this would happen on a Sunday when the buses weren’t running on the route I needed to take. Scientists need to hurry up with that driver-less car.) The 2nd toe popped into alignment with no problems but the pinkie is shattered into 3 pieces that aren’t lining up so I have an ortho appt today to see what the experts think. I hope they just tape it, I don’t want to take time off work to screw around with surgery.

The facilities mgr here at my work just recommended shooting me. What with the strep and the remaining cough and now this…some people just ain’t viable.

On the creative front, I’ve broken ground on a new novella/novel for teens called ‘Souls by the Sea,’ (formerly known as the Halloween Village story) the name of the town in which the action takes place, and after 18 false starts I’m moving forward rapidly. I hope to have the first draft done by Dec but let’s not hold our breath. Betas, gird your loins. I’ll be coming after you as soon as the holidays are over if not before New Years.


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