Create Space has been subdued and I’m pestering my family to get the paper version of ‘B’ since they don’t like eBooks. Gahd, there’s nothing worse than a family member that wants you to buy candy from their kids or hand out business brochures or buy a book! It’s the price they’re paying for being related to me. Speaking of price, I finally lowered the price on Smashwords to match Kindle and I can’t believe I let that slide for so long. Hope springs eternal? I also got a notification from Amazon that my first royalty payment for ‘B’ is on its way! Yay! I will buy a stick of gum. (I don’t think it’ll get me the whole pack.) But it’s gone up in the rankings, good reviews are coming in, and the holidays are coming up. My promotional blitz is going to hit in October so we’ll see what that does for me.

I’m making good progress on ‘Souls.’ I’ve burned through the prologue and the first chapter. I’ve decided to try my damndest to get the rough draft finished within the month. We’ll see how that goes! (Should go well, now that I don’t have the internet to distract me.)

Back at it.


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