Dang, that was fast.

My latest, and absolutely final, polish of ‘B’ took me only an afternoon. Not surprising since I already had it gleaming. Still, YAY! It’s ready! I uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords with no problems and then I hit Create Space. Problem. There are no errors in the manuscript but I can’t see how I can submit it for approval. Where’s the button? WHERE’S THE BUTTON?!?!?!!!! It’s nowhere and I’m trapped in their Interior Upload until their customer service can lead poor, pitiful me out by the hand again.

But it’s finished! Just in time for the holidays. So while I flail around and promote it the best I can without internet I’m now free to start work on something else. My Halloween Village project. It won’t get finished by Halloween but I’m going to have a great time writing it.


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