In case you couldn’t tell by my cheerful journal design, and by what I write, I have a thing for fall. It’s on its way though everything in NC is still green, muggy, and buggy. Can’t wait for the chill. Can’t wait for the Brach’s Autumn Mix, yum!

My internet, meanwhile, is entirely kaput and I’ve cancelled FreedomPop for being useless and sneaky. They only seem cheap but they make their profits by underhanded and non-refundable charges to your credit card. A $10 ‘buffer’ charge just in case I go over my limit? I haven’t gone over! Give that back! Sorry, nonrefundable. And what’s this charge for Premium? Premium what?! I didn’t order that. Sorry, automatic upgrade and also nonrefundable, neener neener neener! They soaked me for almost $50. So let that be a lesson to us all.  Stick with the tried and true, even if it is a little more expensive.

This really cuts into my book promotion, though. Ah, well. I’ll take my netbook for a walk and work in public, embarrassing as that is.  A sale here and there continues to trickle in, even without promos, so that keeps me going.

Of course, I’m dissatisfied with ‘B’s cover again. But I have all of September to make the entire package as sleek as possible before the holiday rush (starting in October and ending in May, they tell me) so I’m being very thorough.

I’ve already said it 18 times but my next book is going to go much more smoothly!


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