Am I finished yet?!

I’m tweaking ‘B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas’ to death. One sentence was bothering me so I had to change it which pushes back its inclusion into the Smashwords Premium catalog. Then putting together a print version on Create Space was a royal hassle but I made it. Which also won’t be available until next week or so. Then I decided the snowflake/stars cover didn’t quite catch the child-like wonder, the subtle nuance, and deeper meaning of my immortal holiday story so I made a better one. You can see it here:

or here…

Now that’s genius! (You can also see a pretty good selfie of me, by golly.)

B’s perfect now and I’m hugely happy but, I’m telling you, my next release won’t be nearly so problematical. Experience is wonderful, like I’ve said before. The most important thing I’ve learned is to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. If you’re not sure about the cover or one stupid line then fix it before you even think about posting it. I admit I was in a rush to get it out before the 4th of July as I promised I would. No promises next time. Speaking of…

The next project is a Halloween story. It’ll probably be released in, oh, February. I’m a master of timing!


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