It’s done?!

Nooooo, we’ve got a little ways to go. I’ve pushed the train over the hill and now I have to walk behind it picking up thrown gears and bits of coal. Create Space is turning into a real headache. I have to fiddle with margins and numbered pages! Even the template they provide doesn’t help me much. I also need to better my author info. And rewrite and re-upload my first kiddie book, Smug Slug, and put a link to B at the end.  And a link to Smug Slug at the end of B! And add links to both in my Twitter and here on WordPress. And find the free promo sites. And use them.

This would all be so much easier if I had unlimited internet but, sadly, I’m using a portable wifi hotspot which is cheap at $4 a month (and great for emergency email/Googling) but has limited data. I’ve used 70% of my data just uploading B to Kindle and Smashwords.  Yikes. I’m only online now because its a slow day at work and I’m taking full advantage.

I figure I’ll have everything perfected by Mid-July or the 1st of August at the very latest.  Next time I publish I won’t have so much clean-up AND I won’t post on a holiday!

I battle on.


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