So much to do.

Tonight and tomorrow night, I have to rewrite a small section of ‘B’ and then give it one last good scrubbing. I have to download my illustrations, resize and insert them, and turn one into a cover. I need to fix my Table of Contents, gah.

On the 3rd, once I have it all perfected FOR THE LAST TIME, I need to upload it all to Kindle and Smashwords. Knowing my luck, I’ll probably have to take it down, reformat everything, and try again about eighteen times.

Cometh the dawn, Kindle should be finished processing it (Smashwords is instant) and ‘B’ will finally be good to go. Free on Kindle and $3.99 on Smashwords. After a couple of days it’ll be $3.99 everywhere. Happy Fourth of July! I’ll probably celebrate with a physical, emotional, and mental collapse.

A year of hard work finished! Will our heroine earn some much-needed profit from all this? I hope so, I desperately need some new shoes, at least. If I do or if I don’t, I’ll let everyone know. This eBook publishing gig is fascinating to a lot of people and I’m going to take honest note of my progress.


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