Open Office vs Word

It’s a cage battle to the death on my little netbook. Just when I get most of the formatting done in Word along comes Open Office to change everything to an O.O. doc. Whyyyy?! My formatting is simple at this point (proper paragraphs) but if I’d had my table of contents and images blown out of the water I’d have screamed bloody murder.  I could erase O.O. but my Word is jittery. I can’t erase Word because Smashwords likes it best for the ‘nuclear option’ approach to formatting.

Worse, I got my illustrations scanned in at the local Staples and had them emailed to me. I get home and, of course, no sign of them.

Le sigh.

I battle on.

Later: So I went back. The Staples gal tried to send them to and then she, a coworker, and a manager tried three more times before I finally stepped behind the counter myself and caught the mistake. But I was good about it! Didn’t even demand a fridge magnet for my trouble, though I was tempted.


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