Oh, I love the rainbow header.

A huge day for the US yesterday and I’m so happy and proud I’m getting sniffly. I had a bet on that we’d be the 30th country to adopt marriage rights for everyone. We were the 18th so I lost but the person I bet with proclaimed that we’d never get there at all. Woo hoo! ‘B’ is LGBT friendly, one of the families featured has same-sex dads, and those men don’t exist but I’m THRILLED they can get married in every state now!

Speaking of ‘B’ someone mentioned how funny and scary it was. I was eventually hugely flattered but at first I wondered what she was talking about. I’ve gone over and over this thing so often it reads like ancient Sumerian now. I finished the latest scrubbing about an hour ago and I think I have one more revision left in me. Then it’s a case of “Pleeeease release me, let me gooooo!”

This is my firstborn, so to speak, and I’m learning so much. I think I’ll get a jump on Smashwords formatting next. They say it should take about 2 hours to get it finished. AAAHAHAHAHAA! Fools. So I’ll also work on the front matter and getting that finished, at least, will make me feel accomplished.


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