Book cover shenanigans.

Urrrrgh, I hate the GIMP photo editor and it hates me. WHY did I waste so much of my precious internet data to download it? Well, I thought I needed it. I have two book covers I need to do. I experimented with Amazon’s cover creator, or whatever it’s called, and the results were oogly, oh mah GAHD, so terrible.

Enter the GIMP and after two hours of noodling with it I wanted to die. I JUST WANT TO BLUR SOMETHING, IS THAT SO WRONG?! Apparently. So I went online and found Ribbet, a basic online photo-manip program and stupid-easy. I did a little chair dance of discovery.

I have some artistic talent so, yes, I’m doing my own covers. I’m saving every dime I can in these early days.


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