…I have none. Scumbags! Hurry up and send me my wifi. I have to further my literary takeover of the world and it’s difficult when sneaking around to get online at work.

At home I stare at the wall with hooded eyes. Waiting patiently doesn’t come easily to me. I DID, however, get a few illustrations done for ‘B.’ Quick and funny sketches done with crayon ala ‘Smug Slug.’ No drawings of the lead characters, though. I prefer everyone use their imaginations to envision them (and, truthfully, I lack the artistic chops to draw a human being.)

This is all against the rules of self-publishing, I understand. All the advice I read is adamant about hiring a professional artist and editor for ‘just’ around $1,500.00 or so. I nearly strangled I laughed so hard. I have confidence enough to do my own illustrations, my own editing, my own cover, and my own formatting. Someday I might casually drop a chunk of change for someone to take all that off my hands BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. The next couple of years are probably out, too.

Meanwhile, I’m avoiding ‘B’ until the betas get back to me. I need to revise it after a little distance. Makes it easier to cut things out, y’know.


(Originally posted on a deleted blog on June 15th, 2015)


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