Progress! I escaped the gravitational pull of my first chapter. #amwritingscifi

It was huge, it was detailed, it set up my world, it set up my characters, and it was dull as shit. Back to the ‘ol electronic brain for a rewrite. Much better! (When in doubt, add cyborgs. They perk a story right up.)  On to Chapter 2.

At this rate I’ll be finished around, oh, Christmas of three years from now. But I have to stay positive, I updated the outline and my path is clear. I just have to add a bazillion words and make it interesting. Science fiction is wonderful, I love it every bit as much as fantasy but this book won’t be hard sci-fi by a long shot. I have a dangerous pulsar named Dietrich and that’s about it. No, it’s not alive although that would be a good idea for another story. A star that’s alive. And coming to kick ass!

I’ll write that later.




Now what happened to May?! #amwriting at last. Specifically, #amwritingscifi

Did ya’ll know that green tea tastes like cigarettes? It does. Ptooie.

So, where have I been? I took April (and, I admit, half of May) off to heal my strained neck and deal with my massive sulk over the under-performance of my first half-dozen books. That’ll be a sore spot forever BUT the last half of May was spent outlining my new sci-fi trilogy. I broke Earth (ooh, there’s an idea for a sci-fi title… IT’S MINE! I LICKED IT! YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!) on the rough draft on May 28th or thereabouts. It’s a mess but I’m making great progress and having fun.  No reader will be confused by it either. It’s a straightforward Space Colony in Distress story and I’m working hard to prevent too much political allegory. “Arrrgh, our Ship of State is sinking, Captain!” “No shit, Sherlock, warp factor 9 to hyperspace! And hit the theme music, Chaz!”



Learn from my writing mistakes, people. #amwriting #writerslife

What happened to April?! I had such plans for April, I even signed up for CampNaNoWriMo, but noooo.  The rewrites tired me out but realizing that the mistakes I made went deeper than the presentation of my books (covers, blurbs, rewrites, etc) debilitated me enough to take the entire month off. I finally realized I didn’t write to market. 

Writing to market doesn’t mean jumping on the latest fad (fashion comes and goes but style is forever) it means don’t cross the streams. As a reader of, let’s say, romance you wouldn’t like it if you bought a romance only to discover a psycho-horror subplot. That puts a romance reader off.  And people who LOVE psycho-horror are going to be put off by the romance. My problems aren’t that extreme but I’ve created one hell of a genre salad with all of my books, particularly the Souls by the Sea series. They’re still great stories and I stand by their entertainment value as humorous paranormal fantasy cozy mystery action/adventures in a small town (that aren’t Urban Fantasy and my heroine has no powers at all) but I will not be marketing them. It would be throwing money away as there’s no audience looking for all that.

I won’t erase them either, they’re FUN, and I learned so much with them. But today I start fresh.


Oog, so many fiddly things I still have to slog through… #aintwriting #writerslife

I changed B’s cover for the eight millionth time. I’m closer to perfection…

B 300cvr…or this is where I’m satisfied to let it sit for awhile. (Link on Amazon.) I’m especially proud of the little light-behind-the-clouds sunburst effect which was a happy accident.

As you can see I’m still in clean-up mode after my massive overhaul of every word I’ve ever written. That’ll make you tired. So I took a break on Sunday and was bored out of my gourd and restless. I’ve signed up for Camp Nanowrimo, starting in April, so should I wait to start on April 1st (April Fools and Easter!) or go ahead and dive in now? I never win so it isn’t cheating, how DARE you suggest such a thing!

I think I’ll start now. I have a week’s vacation coming up mid-April and that’ll be my welcome relief from the writing world. Off to start work on (GASP!) something new.


I see a light…a light! #amwriting #amrewriting #amrerererewriting

I’m almost through with the rewrites! All that’s left is ‘B, or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas’  and, since it’s relatively short, I should be finished with it before my self-imposed deadline on March 1st. It should be, I doubt it will be. This one needs much more than the face-lift I gave the others. It was my first book so the amount of WRONG is boggling my mind. But it’s a Christmas book so I have time.

I’m also slogging my way through Create Space. I took down everything and flounced off when CS wouldn’t allow me to change the titles of my paperbacks. I went creeping back when I saw that Amazon’s paper program didn’t have a wide distribution. Bugger! But I carry on. I’m so looking forward to being done and, this time, being done WELL!




My rewrite is a painful, debilitating…TURD! #amwriting over and over and over. (Blog Post)

I’ve finally finished ‘An Autumn Beginning’ and it’s beautiful. Then a new critique of ‘Souls by the Sea’ came in and it’s spot on. I have more work to do. Fortunately just an explanatory line here and there but, oh, what a world, what a world.

Well, nevertheless, the end is nigh. Come March I’ll be finished with all of it and I’ll be able to concentrate on serious marketing and writing something NEW at last. Probably a silly Christmas romance, of all things, but it’ll be NEW!!!!1!!