New covers! Yet again.

I’ll never be satisfied but I think these are pretty close to perfect. They’re genre-specific, and colorful. Super Witch and the first Souls by the Sea pretty much tell you what they’re all about, too. Magic! Mayhem! Fresh fruit! (The 2nd two Souls books look like thrillers. Will that be a problem? I hope not.) Anyway, I’m pleased and I’m RELIEVED that all my ducks are in a row at last and I can start promoting in earnest. When I get back from vacation (TTFN!) I’ll start work on a Christmas romance novella that’s been burning a hole in my brain for years. Should be fun! Hopefully it’ll be finished before December 25th but let’s not go crazy. These lovely books, btw, are available on all venues (Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, what have you…)  here on my website.


Yikes! All my library holds are coming to me at once. #avalanche of #books

So I have Precious and Grace by that Scottish dude whose name I always get wrong, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade, and Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. That oughta keep me out of trouble for a while.

And I need the escape. The formatting on my own books are giving me nightmares, literally. I dreamed an actual black demon HORSE was trying to gallop out of my netbook screen. It was the size of a cat and I had to shove it back with my fingertips. Weirdo. But yeah. This current overhaul is not being put to bed willingly. I have a dozen little tweaks I want to make for the smoothest reading experience possible and I still hate my covers with a passion. What’s more I’m about to cancel my wifi at home. I could do the .doc uploads at work, a cafe, or my precious library and save myself money for promotions. Baby steps! Baby steps…I can do this.

And one more day of miserable 90 degree heat and mugginess before the cold front reaches NC. Come ON, fall! I need the change of seasons.


How do you solve a problem like Mariaaa? (Tell her to piss off.) #hurricane

It might hit North Carolina.  I won’t panic but I’m glad I can make at least four good meals out of the cat. I’m done with wabbit hurricane season but I’m LOVING that fall is here at last. The next couple of days might hit 90 degrees but I don’t caaaare! Friday is the Autumn Equinox. Time to break out my fall decor.

And time to work on those writing projects I’ve let slide since the completion of Super Witch. The Big Overhaul of all my platforms is finished, finally, and I’m almost rested from the fiddly effort. I also managed to complete a box set of all my kids’ books (Smug Slug, Super Witch, B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas, and Souls by the Sea (which is stretching kidfic a little, being that the series is rated PG13, but it should work with the proper warnings and a little bit of editing.) HERE’S A WRITING TIP: When formatting your individual ebooks, be sure to label your bookmarks with the name of the book. So instead of chapter_one, chapter_two etc…you bookmark them SoulsChap_1 and SoulsChap_2 etc…

Because using cut and paste to compile a box set in a fresh Word/Open Office doc (with several different multi-chaptered books with THE SAME bookmarks) creates a deadly wormhole that will suck you in and drain you dry. I’m sure there’s software that will use sparkle magic to create a perfect box set but I guarantee I can’t afford it. Anyway, all I lack for Jessie G. Talbot’s AWESOME box set is a cover and I’ll finish that up today. It should be good to go by this weekend. Woo hoo! A Halloween box set just in time for Halloween!



Irma: the Schrodinger’s Cat of hurricanes. #worried

Will it hit North Carolina or not? All the computer models differ, some send it into the Gulf (poor Texas doesn’t need any more of that shit) and some send it right over Raleigh. It’s too soon to tell. I’m pretty much prepared, I doubt it will be an evacuation event when it finally gets around to us, but I’m not happy. We might get ten inches of rain. Just three inches floods out my workplace (I live high and dry, luckily) and that’s money lost for me. But poor Florida is going to get hit no matter what happens. Damn hurricanes.

What else can I complain about? My hormones! My emotions are swinging wildly, from normal to AHHH GAHD WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD!!!!!!!! Multiply by a thousand when I’m pissed at Trump, which is constantly. Black Cohosh supplements are taking the edge off but I’m going to a clinic this Friday so see what sort of therapy I can get. I’m sick of always being on the verge of tears. Granted, there’s a lot going on that’s worth crying over but a sentimental moment during Welcome Back, Kotter? Oy vey, Little Juan.

What else? Bah! EVERYTHING!


Ebook covers are the bane of my existence. #broke #whiner #writing

Yep, I’m tackling Souls by the Sea’s covers again, all three of ’em, but I think I’ve hit on the winning formula. Make the damn things readable. I loved their striped retro vibe but that only worked if you’re looking at the full sized result. Shrinking them down to thumbnail size made nothing but bird-splotches on the screen.  But I think I’ve pulled the new, new, NEW designs together correctly. One or two more tweaks and they’ll be live on Friday or so.  Some people say, “You need to splash out $300 for a professional cover or, at least, $75 for a pre-made!” Those people have black hearts.

But anyway, as well as the cover redesign I’ve also tweaked my Twitter, Facebook, and this WordPress journal to reflect a more vintage-nautical and fun vibe which is perfect for the madness I write. So all of the separate elements that showcase me as a writer (my author platform, the covers, the actual writing) are coming together slowly but surely. Next step – PROFIT!

Or I’ll, at least, have leisure time enough to start writing the next project. Ta!

Super Witch, a bullied student witch decides she’ll be a SUPERHERO instead! #ChildrensBooks #SuperHeroes #99cents


Lydia McLauren wanted to be a great witch. She was going to cast spells, brew potions, and soar on a broomstick. But her teacher says she has no brains, no talent, and no hope. Well, FINE. If Lydia can’t be a proper witch like the other kids she’ll be a SUPERHERO instead! If only her magic would show up.

Join the Super Witch as she sets out on her exciting hero’s quest to save the day the best she can. And maybe she’ll even find the confidence to defeat a surprising, and dangerous, enemy.

Only $0.99 through August and FREE on Amazon Select.



Oog, long weekend. #amwriting too much. I have a headache. My eyes hurt. #whiner

I’m productive, though! I’ve finished Super Witch. I even finished the out loud read-through and now my voice is gone. Croak, worth it! Cough!

It’s, maybe, a bit longer than it should be for a kid’s book at 25 thousand words but, hell, when I was eight I was plowing through all kinds of multi-chaptered books and loving every second. All I need to do now is finish up the cover and get it back from the editor. It should be live by Friday and I’m going to take a week off to celebrate. I need a vacation!

I need the time to decide what to do next. Yikes.

happy retro writer