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Cerine Talbot – Fun Paranormal YA Fantasy. The complete Souls by the Sea series and others to follow. Witches, shifters, and vamps, oh my!

J.G. Talbot  For kids! The Pixi series of picture-books and B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas for the older kids.

Delle Talbot Holiday romances, I plan on writing a series of novellas taking place in the idyllic town of Swanhaven. The first, for Thanksgiving, is An Autumn Kiss. 



Bad llama, I haven’t posted since April.

My excuse this time is a knee injury. I sprained it so badly the pain traveled all the way up my leg to both arms so I can’t type properly. WOE IS MY LOT! Despite my affliction (and the miserably hot weather) I’ve finished two more projects…

PPowerCvrSouls by the sea

The latest Pixi picture book (in which she tries her darndest to make her Granny less of a crab) and a bundle of my YA paranormal novels. Souls by the Sea: The Complete Trilogy plus a bonus novella. Click on the covers and the links will take you to Amazon. They’re both in Kindle Unlimited.

Me, I’ll try to keep in touch more often. Sheesh!


It liiiives!

Barely. What with wrangling Amazon, my allergies, and a new dayjob schedule (more hours) I’ve been neglecting the ‘ol blog. I’ve managed to write and publish a new Pixi picture-book, Pixi Prefers, and it’s live and in color! Here’s the cover and Pixi Poots and Smug Slug’s new cover… the links go to Amazon because Draft 2 Digital is giving me a headache.

cover-image J.G. Talbot

Enjoy! The latest, Pixi Power, is on its way!


Workin’ hard AND hardly workin’ is exhausting. But I’m making beautiful progress. #amwriting

I ain’t dead! I’m working hard on the picture books and going through all kinds of existential angst and dread. It’s like a Russian play around here. But bear with me and I should, hopefully, cross yer fangers, have something for your kids to read soon. Here’s a rough sketch of one of the art panels. I used to draw these Gossamyr-type creatures all the time when I was a kid. Time to bring ’em back! Context: Someone has just done something embarrassing at the dinner table, GRANNY!


Uh oh, we pause the sci-fi novel to get the picture book bug out of our system…

Huh. That’s odd. I sat down last Sunday and plotted nine picture books, made a template for the basic 32-page story form, and wrote three. Two of which had (ack!) morals for good little boys and girls so they’ll never see the light but the others have potential. I have only basic art skills so that’ll be a small hindrance but I’ll make it work. Get ready, they should arrive in the SPRING!


My 2018 goals were perfectly realized…AAAAHAHAHA! Good one. #writerslife #writingcommunity

I didn’t finish the one novel and two novellas I’d intended but I did manage a complete revitalization of my author platform and a rethink of my priorities. (That sounds like loser-speak for “I did nothing and I want credit,” but NO! I worked hard all year. It’s just that maintenance isn’t very flashy.) I’m still going to finish Colony Down, the scifi novel, but FIRST I’m going to write and illustrate a couple of children’s picture books that’ve been knocking around in my head forever.

Why? I want to shore up each pen name with a rock-solid trilogy. J.G. Talbot has just Smug Slug and B and I want more titles! I’m greedy for titles, muahaha! (Dragon hoards.) These new works should take less than a month to accomplish, especially with Amazon’s KDP thingy for kid’s books making it either easy or a real headache. We’ll see which.

Problem: One stars unicorns and I don’t know how to draw them. Make a vague horse-shape and plop a horn on its head? I’m off to study My Little Pony how-to-draws to see if I can at least show my unicorn’s legs bending in the right direction.

Work! Work! Work!