Can I blame lack of productivity on my allergies? No, but I will anyway.

It looked like I was eating barbecued pig skins and watching MST3K (‘Track of the Blood Beast’ again?) for the bulk of the weekend but I was also working on G4. That’s what you call ‘invisible effort.’ I reshuffled scenes like mah-jong tiles in my head until I finally, during a commercial break, picked up a pen and paper and re-outlined the entire 2nd half of the book. Took me about two minutes.

I’m still pooped. Sadly I’m also fairly sure that I’ll be publishing in April instead of March. But it must be right.

I also managed chores and I made a huge pot of vegetable soup. I want to learn how to can it so I can save space in my freezer and be prepared for hurricanes. With everything else I’m trying to do? Good luck with that.


I’m a writing machine! #amwriting and #amwriting well, by golly.

It was 83 degrees yesterday. The sun was out, the clouds were white and fluffy, the breeze soft. I wrote all day on the balcony and breathed in the muddy, green smell of an early spring. I didn’t even have the radio on. What peace! The sun set and I went in, just in time for a nice, cleansing rain.

Today I’m freezing my balls off. Such is life in NC. I’m still grooving though I’m NOT looking forward to summer. The villain of my latest book is the summer, even. I might have issues. Speaking of my latest: I wrote 6,000 words this weekend and outlined the rest. Every scene and chapter is mapped out and that takes me to TWO thirds done. I should be finished with the rough draft by the end of February. WOOT, I’m ahead of deadline! My entirely arbitrary deadline. Still, it counts.

Plenty to salvage on my WIP. (I’m not as SOL as I thought I was.) #amwriting

I needed to do a couple of plot tweaks to The Glorious Fourth, hereafter known as G4, and I was afraid it would knock me back to the starting point. But nooooo.

Even after some savage editing I’m still 1/3rd finished, raise the roof, raise the roof! I’m at 17,700 words and the first act is behind me. The stage is set. Now our heroine has to FIGHT. But she can’t. How do you fight the Summer itself? Much less defeat it without destroying the world?

I’ve been looking forward to this bit.


At laaaaast! I can jump on that magical 3rd-in-series. #amwriting

And then it won’t sell either but THAT AIN’T STOPPING MEEEE! A writer on KBoards just completed a 50k word novel in one week. She had to lock herself in a hotel room to do it but she did it. Git down with your bad self. I’d love to finish up The Glorious Fourth in a month but I have a full time job and a need for sleep. Still, I’m going to hit this one hard to see if I can whip it into shape by the end of March. (Shyeah, good luck.)

My little Christmas romances are bouncing up and down for attention, too, but they’re gonna have to wait.



Stop fanning my ass. Adventures on #publictransport

So I had a hot flash on the bus (I’m young but things are breaking down, ya’ll) and I started to fan myself with my hand. The man next to me whipped off his hat and started fanning me, too. Which was cute until he fanned my rear which he decided was hot, too. Get away! But everyone died laughing.

In other news, we had a chili cook-off at work and the loser (by ONE vote-bean) is suing the winner for shared custody of the trophy.

Some days are more amusing than others.